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Whilst this is most definitely not a journey, if you are savvy with your booking and keep an eye out for sales prices, you might be surprised at some of the deals.Be aware that there are different booking classes so make sure you know what you want to book (compare each class’ amenities here).I mean, when you can just lay down and watch the world go by from your bed, who needs a daytime configuration?You probably won’t spend much of your time in your cabin during the day anyway as the views are definitely better from the glass-topped cars (The Park and Skyline cars).

VIA Rail has a number of different options to suit varied budgets: Economy and Sleeper Plus which includes Berths as well as Cabins for 1, 2 or 3 people.

I didn’t find a post that quite covered all my questions and when I was on the train, a lot of my fellow passengers echoed my questions so I figured I’d compile as much information as I could in one post that will hopefully be useful to future passengers on board The Canadian.

A lot of people hear the words “VIA Rail Canadian” and automatically think “expensive”.

On my journey, people tended to wander up to these cars right after breakfast and kind of stayed there all day.

As I said in my previous post, the scenery out of the windows is mesmerizing and you won’t do half the work/ read half the books you think you will!

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