Use of carbon 14 in carbon dating

In a manner of speaking, the current climate and current range of species available for us to interact with is what we are equipped to do and invested in.Others that are "better" may be possible, but we as people would have to adapt to them, at some cost. Kennedy: True costs of each potential energy source would be great, and I'd love to see that happen, including defense and state department implications.There is so much we don't know about how cultures and technologies will evolve as fossil fuels become scarce.The possibility of future price fluctuations & civil unrest does not seem to me to be a good reason for current public policies to limit consumption.

Apparently, from examples in the podcast discussion about CA and Britain, the track record isn't great there.

People are not biologically or culturally determined to get in and stay in their cars or even airplanes.

We are thus not determined in anyway to burn up all the remaining fossil fuels. Kennedy: I very much agree that we should be more concerned with speciation than other changes to the environment, which we cannot necessarily know fully.

In reading this blog, it's like stepping into the past 100 years. would teach energy density and not discuss the inefficiency if the Internal Combustion Engine.

The energy density of gas must be converted by one of the most inefficient processes in propulsion, the ICE.

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