Updating my wii

Hopefully we can find a work around, otherwise I have no use for my system anymore. Not much is known about this update, only that it kills the latest version of Homebrew channel and leaves a question mark in the channel as a place holder.Obtain one of the newly released Wii games developed by Nintendo.

The label should contain the words "Nintendo of America." If you have a game released for another country or continent, the firmware update won't work with your console and could even end up bricking your system.

I mean there was a press release like a year or so ago saying that this homebrew stuff would mess with Nintendo licensed games and in turn would not work properly.

I have something like 60 Wii games and all of them have worked peachy with Homebrew installed on my system.

In addition, most modern video cards now have HDMI ports, which will allow the use of your PC with most televisions.

There's really no reason nowadays to crack your consoles, especially the friggin' [email protected]: The emulators have pretty bad compatibility.

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