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In particular, the responsibilities of the position include: (A) control of operations and operational standards of all aeroplanes operated; (B) the identification of operations coordination functions which impact on operational control (eg.

maintenance, crew scheduling, load control, equipment scheduling); (C) supervision, organization, manning and efficiency of the following: (I) flight operations; (II) cabin safety; (III) crew scheduling and rostering; (IV) training programs; and (V) safety management system; (amended 2005/05/31) (D) the contents of the air operator's ; (F) liaison with the regulatory authority on all matters concerning flight operations, including any variations to the air operator's operator certificate; (G) liaison with any external agencies which may affect air operator operations; (H) ensuring that the air operator's operations are conducted in accordance with current regulations, standards and air operator policy; (I) ensuring that crew scheduling complies with flight and duty time regulations, and that all crew members are kept informed of any changes to the regulations and standards; (J) the receipt and actioning of any aeronautical information affecting the safety of flight; (K) the dissemination of aeroplane safety information, both internal and external, in conjunction with the safety management system; (amended 2005/05/31) (L) qualifications of flight and cabin crews; (M) maintenance of a current operations library; and (N) in his or her absence delegating all responsibilities for operational duties to another qualified individual, except that the knowledge requirements detailed under operations manager qualifications may be demonstrated to the air operator rather than the Minister.

amended 2005/05/31) The air operator emergency response plan required under paragraph 705.07(2)(l) shall include the following elements: (amended 2005/05/31) () emergency response training.

The requirement for operational support services and equipment will be dependent on types of aeroplanes and the size and scope of the operation and shall include, as applicable: method for the retention of records of weight and balance, passenger and baggage counts, fuel uplift, cargo weights.

Aircraft types that are certified for operation by two crew members shall have GPS course deviation and distance displays at each pilot station.

An Operation Specification authorizing GPS approaches shall not be issued unless the PNF has a means acceptable, in the Minister's opinion, of monitoring the PF during an approach.

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The air operator shall have procedures in place to ensure that the database will be updated in accordance with the appropriate data revision cycle.The operator shall be able to demonstrate that operations are permitted at each base, sub-base or scheduled point.This will normally be done by providing written permission from the Local Airport Authority (LAA).The following items will be assessed in the operational evaluation prior to the approval of the operator's GPS approach standard operating procedures (where applicable) and training program.Identical installations of the same model of GPS in the same type of aircraft with the same operator do not need separate evaluations.

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