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He commented: "Too many poets today, especially the activist poets, think that the only prerequisite [to writing good poetry] is the excitation of their own ignorance. The very fact that I would suggest [that a poet needs training] makes me a reactionary, war-loving, establishment racist out to oppress the poor. Just goodbye." As a critic, Ciardi frequently provoked controversy with his frank and often candidly honest reviews.Known for promoting poetry, he nonetheless never shied away from denigrating what he considers unworthy verse.Together they descend through the twenty-four circles of the underworld and encounter the tormented souls of the damned - from heretics and pagans to gluttons, criminals and seducers - who tell of their sad fates and predict events still to come in Dante's life.In this first part of his Divine Comedy, Dante fused satire and humour with intellect and soaring passion to create an immortal Christian allegory of mankind's search for self-knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

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His diction is less emotionally charged than it is intricately patterned. The positive feelings do slop pleasantly through." Corner illustrates Ciardi's literary success: "John Ciardi long has been the rare American who could walk into a bank, declare his occupation as 'poet,' and emerge with a mortgage." Ciardi's verse often broke with contemporary poetic tendencies.Ciardi recalls a peaceful youth, enlivened by the addition of Irish and Italian families to the neighborhood.His tranquil life developed into a series of bruises and black eyes as the neighborhood children clashed frequently.He turned to composing juvenile poetry as a means of playing and reading with his own children.His juvenile selections were enormously successful, especially developed from his own verse publications, but he told Comer that "it was a hobby job," adding, "I think at most it earned me ,000 a year." Ciardi was strongly in favor of exposing poetry to mass audiences.

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