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He finds it strange that his friends died with no cause and decides to find out the truth of their sudden death...* A Wicked Ghost II [center] A girl reports being raped but the police think her accusation is unbelievable. Her friend, together with a ghost-buster, finds out that she was raped by a ghost who had been an abnormal serial rapist and had burnt himself to death.

The ghost, who now possesses extraordinary power, swears to take revenge on a sexy policewoman as he was lured and arrested by her.

The stern madam is none too pleased, and soon the crafty Inspector Chang sets traps to uncover this devious defiler of female corpses.

A recently-released asylum inmate accused of a similar crime looks like the number one suspect, but there's much more to this twisted tale of macabre desires than meets the eye.

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* Boxer's Omen* The Closet [center] Victim of his violently abusive father, magician Fei (Francis Ng) had a traumatic experience of being locked in the closet when he was a kid, not to mention the frequent physical punishment.May is a kind-hearted film production assistant who removes a funeral tablet from its original location, so that it will not interfere with her outdoor shooting, but troubles soon befall to those who surround her.With her friends either dead or seriously injured, May finally realizes that it is the result of her moving the tablet, and that she herself is poised for death.With the murderer still at large, the coveted role of Lola passes to Tian, a talented but introverted dancer with a traumatic childhood.Suspicion fanned by jealousy soon leads to hostility and rejection from fellow dancers, while figments of childhood memories start haunting her every dream.

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