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“She said she was from Sichuan (in southwest China) and was studying at a university here in Singapore,” one target told .“She also told me that she was a prostitute and asked if I was interested …Tencent launched the popular function that lets people send red envelopes in January 2014.Since then, hundreds of millions of Chinese, especially younger generations, scrabble on We Chat for as much digital cash as possible heading into the holiday by vying for the little red packets.The money exchanged over this period is estimated to run into billions of yuan.“I felt so happy to see my photo earn a few red envelopes,” said marketing manager Wendy Liu.But actually, it was just a photo of her cat.” The service will officially go live on February 7, or Chinese New Year’s Eve, We Chat said.Other contacts can monitor their progress to see how many envelopes they garner, adding an element of fun and competition. We Chat is operated by social and gaming giant Tencent while Alipay is a third-party online payment platform run by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

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Speaking Mandarin with a “Guangdong” accent, the man claimed to be a “Big Circle” gangster and demanded that Mr.I transfer more i Tunes points if he wanted the girl to show up and give him sex. I tried to back out of the date gangsters would track him down and cut off his arm. I told Ming Pao that he went home to hide, and he did not report the alleged extortion to police in Richmond or Vancouver.two more students in downtown Vancouver reported being stung by the same scam, including being threatened with an attack by gangsters.The much-anticipated programme saw a record amount of money exchange hands for last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival on September 27, with 2.2 billion red envelopes sent via We Chat in one day, according to Tencent.These de facto digital vouchers can be used to make online payments on We Chat, like booking movie tickets or meals, topping-up phones, reserving air and train tickets, or hailing a cab using China’s market-leading app Didi Kuaidi, or even buying insurance or other financial products.

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