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Late 15th-century masters include Johannes Lecküchner, Hans von Speyer, Peter Falkner, and Hans Folz.

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Kal's contemporary, Hans Talhoffer, may have been involved with the founding of the Brotherhood of St.Mark, which enjoyed a quasi-monopoly on teaching martial arts from 1487 until 1570. gave special privileges to both the Marksbrüder and the Federfechter, and propagated the fencing style of Liechtenauer in the entire Holy Roman Empire (it became de facto the dominant martial arts within the Holy Roman Empire, despite the fact that there were others martial art schools active in the Empire at the time).The Emperor also granted students the right to bear arms and allowed them to have duels.The rapier had an advantage in that it could be worn well with the clothing of that time period when longswords were typically seen as too large to be worn fashionably.Thirty Years' War also led to a massive decline of both fencing schools and practitioners in the Holy Roman Empire.

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