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As the news of Elvis' death spread across the country, radio stations immediately began to play his records.Some stations quickly organized tributes to Elvis while others simply played his music at the request of listeners, many of whom were in a state of shock over his sudden death.The staff of television newsrooms considered Elvis' death a late-breaking story.There was not enough time for TV reporters who had been sent to Memphis to file stories for the evening news.'This is the end of rock 'n' roll', said Bob Moore Merlis, an executive with Warner Bros.Records, who compiled an anthology of Elvis' early material several years ago for RCA.Kennedy had been killed, most of Elvis' fans remember where they were the day Elvis died.

Paramedics were called, but they failed to revive Elvis, and he was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital where further attempts to resuscitate him failed. George Nichopolous, who listed the official cause of death as erratic heartbeat, or cardiac arrhythmia.Elvis retired to his master suite at Graceland around AM to rest for his evening flight.By late morning, Elvis Presley had died of heart failure.'The void he will leave is impossible to gauge', said Pat Boone, an early rival of Elvis'.Radio Luxembourg was the first radio station in Europe to announce Elvis' death.

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