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However, if you missed it at the drive-in or didn’t catch the 1980s New World Home Video VHS release, then you’re out of luck, because OUT OF CONTROL is NOT available on DVD. Eight teenagers are celebrating prom night by taking a seaplane to a resort island owned by the wealthy family of one of the teens.

A storm causes the plane to ditch near an uninhabited island, the pilot is killed, and before you can say THE BLUE LAGOON (or even PARADISE), the teens must fend for themselves.

), while the bad boy is smart and resourceful, saving all their lives on a number of occasions.

He also avoids opportunities to start trouble and is patient and loving with his girlfriend, who won’t give up her virginity to him “until the time is right”  (Note to girlfriend: Smarten up! ) The movie crams a lot of unusual elements into its lean 78 minute running time.

She continued to appear in B-movies (the slasher satire CHEERLEADER CAMP, CAMP FEAR, DELTA HEAT) well into the 90s.

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With her auburn hair, dark eyes, and light sprinkling of freckles, Russell was a true drive-in dream girl.The prom king rich kid is the most insecure and emotionally unstable, and his relationship with the prom queen is tenuous at best.The punker shows a sensitive side (and is a fan of both James Dean and Errol Flynn!Mostly shot on location in what was then Yugoslavia, director Allan Holzman fills nearly every scene with movement, laughs, or tension.Holzman is something of a demi-god in the exploitation world, as he was a product of the Roger Corman factory of filmmakers.

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