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As similar straight-facing products, such as Tinder and Hinge, came to market, they disrupted desktop dating stalwarts like e Harmony.Both straight and queer women got some skin in the game initiating female-centric brands such as Bumble, The League and HER.Thus, for straight people, the prevalence of app-based dating has created an environment where the already shallow, once-physical bar for connection has been both digitized and lowered, breeding ample dissatisfaction beyond the casual sex marketplace.Potential serious partners with similar relational goals struggle to find each other and exert significant emotional capital weeding through surface-level options.When Louann and I recently reconnected, she said she still believes this is true — if not worsening as society becomes more technology dependent.

Researchers estimate that 25 percent of rapists found people to assault through online dating services, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

As one Tinder match who shall remain nameless recently wrote to me: “I’m here mostly to make my sex life more convenient.

Advantages are being able to talk to multiple candidates at once, not waste too much time, money, and energy.” As my dear friend Louann Brizendine, a UCSF neuroscientist and New York Times Bestselling Author of “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain,” told me almost 10 years ago during the era: Digital dating puts women at an evolutionary disadvantage.

What's more, if your smartphone or digital camera adds metadata to the pictures you take, people may be able to read the GPS information for an image you post to your profile, enabling them to see where you took the picture.

Disable geotagging in your device or remove the metadata with a photo editor before posting it online if you are concerned about sharing information about the location where you shot your picture.

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