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" - If you've just bought tickets for a sporting event, a country show or a festival, ask your date if they've been before.They may have little nuggets of knowledge that will help you to enjoy your day out even more, or they may wish to join you on a second date. " - Whether your date has a passion for fishing, running or gardening, they will enjoy talking about their favourite hobby or interest.Describing yourself as a “results-driven professional with bottom-line orientation and demonstrated throughput” is just dressing up “I have a good work ethic” in fancier clothes.Overuse of buzzwords can be a red flag for hiring managers that you may be concealing a lack of real experience with a smokescreen of corporate-speak.Talking about common connections will give you an instant link to one another and may reveal some amusing stories."Have you ever been to [event you're about to go to for the first time]?Asking too many questions can feel like an interrogation, which is worse than a few awkward silences.Hiring managers may see hundreds of applicants for one position.

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The human resources department already knows that you have references; more often than not, you’ll be asked to include their names and contact information on your application.

The worst thing you can do when crafting an objective is to start with the phrase, “I am seeking a job/career/position….” The hiring manager has already figured this out because you applied for the job.

Like the stock phrase above, a redundant objective wastes prime resume real estate.

Statements like “I have more than [X] years of experience” or “I assisted with” do nothing to demonstrate your talents.

The Fix: Creative writers are often told “Show, don’t tell.” The same maxim applies to writing a winning resume. Instead of saying that you’re a team player, describe a situation where you lead a team to meet a specific goal.

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