Dating pearl drums

You put a bunch of actors around a sofa and because you've sort of lived life with them, it feels like you're on the sofa with them. The story allows you to know enough about them that you would say, "Hmmm, I think I would spend more time with Colin, but I really love Emma …" And if you're a lonely person, which I think most writers are, this is a wonderful place to disappear into when you're writing or making a movie.There's that feeling of "I'm not alone in the world" that movies about a group of characters can give you.Plus, my idea at the time was to keep doing stories that aged up as I aged up.

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A former journalist for Rolling Stone, he'd pivoted towards the movies after adapting his book about going undercover at a Los Angeles high school – Fast Times at Ridgemont High – for the screen in 1982. (1989), proved that he had a knack for capturing teen spirit.Doing an ensemble piece like that starts to feel a little more like how life can feel.It kind of gives you the opportunity to dart off into different worlds and then when the pieces come together it's so satisfying.It's that moment when you're a little bit of a team out in the world together and you're starting to get your first house, things like that.Chris Cornell was working at Ray's Boat House, wearing an apron and working in the kitchen – and doing Soundgarden. It was more like "Oh, the drummer lives with his girlfriend and he's lived there for three years and she works all day in a legal firm so he can play drums all night." These guys [in Seattle] would just work all day to finance their lifestyle. Eddie we were able to pay to give Matt Dillon guitar lessons.

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