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She’s the co-host of ABC’s The Talk, the voice of Lana Kane in the …'Even though we're separating, all I want for him is joy and fulfillment in whatever he chooses to do in his life an American talk show host, actress, author, producer, writer, and director.She is known for portraying Andrea Marino in the first season of Ghost Whisperer, voicing Lana Kane in Archer, portraying Dr."Whoever ends up taking Tyler's place has some big shoes to fill, according to Chen. Gotta go on a lot dates before you propose." MORE: Aisha Tyler Gives Emotional Farewell Speech on ."I mean, when Aisha came and joined us season two ..the end of the week, we were like, 'So, what color do you want your dressing room? "These women are incredible people," she said, noting that the few seconds before she, Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood walk out on stage are the most "precious and magical" of the show.Continued By John Gaudiosi DECEMBER 22, 2014 Finding Aisha Tyler isn’t hard.In fact, you’d have to work at it to avoid her — not that you’d want to.

“I get around a single recreational hour a night, and that …

And whatever I can do to help him do that, I want to do it,' Aisha said on Monday's show.'I don't, not in any way, see this relationship as a failure.

I was with this extraordinary person,' she explained.

And I followed him to an acting class,” Aisha Tyler tells us in this lightning-fast episode of Off the Cuff when we ask how she first became a performer. Continued Aisha Tyler is really good at being everywhere.

From head point-giver on CW’s improv series Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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